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Fieldtrip Grade 4 goes to Kinasih Resort Bogor

Hi, everyone… We would love to share about our very fun field trip last Tuesday, on April 24, 2018.

We were so excited to wake up that morning because we would go to Kinasih Resort Bogor.

We couldn’t wait to do many things there.

When we arrived there, we were so happy. Our field trip was started by learning around the garden in Kinasih Resort. It was so large and many trees grew there. Our guide explained many kinds of trees, one of them was a cocoa tree. We got a chance to taste the cocoa fruit. It was yummy.

Then, we were given warm tea. It was so refreshing. Some of us even asked for refill.

Next activity was harvesting yams. We got many yams to bring home, yeay!

After gathering the harvest, we went down the hill. We saw 3 buffaloes were there and it was more exciting when the guide said we could ride on one of them! It was so fun!

We also learned how to plant rice on the ricefield. Our feet got covered by muds but we were amused that we could plant rice and after that we got our feet washed.

Finally, we were going to catch many fish! We had a very good time trying to catch the fish. After some times, all of us catch all the fish! And the good news is, we could bring the fish home! Hurray!

After we cleaned up, we had lunch together. The food were so delicious that some of us even ate 2 times! We thanked the guides who already showed us around. Then, we went back to school happily, bringing the yams and the fish. We couldn’t wait to show them to our parents! So much fun!

That’s our story about our very fun field trip. Hope you enjoy it!


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