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First Day School

On July 24th 2015. It was a great day for the members of SDK 10, because we had our first day of school. On that day, there was something different, starting from teachers performance also the events. In order to welcome the new academic year 2015-2016, SDK 10 arranged Orientation Day (MOS) in a different way. Some teachers wore professional outfit, like a stewardess, pilot, nurse, policeman, chef, TV crews, and also teacher.

The Orientation Day was begins with flag ceremony. All the students follow the flag ceremony from grade 1 to 6. This flag ceremony was so special as we also celebrated 69 years of BPK PENABUR Birthday. We cut the tumpeng as a symbol of our happiness and also our pray that we know God company us though it all.

After the flag ceremony, the students had some other activities such as, class competitions, and learned about implementing good habit at school. The students were so happy following all MOS agendas. Especially the first grade students since it was their first year in primary level. They had school tour with their homerooms, we informed about the school areas. They walked around and greet to the teachers when they passed through.

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