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Importance of Proximity Children and Parents

Importance of Proximity Children and Parents

The closeness between parents and children is very important to be well maintained . With proximity / emotional relationships are good , then the child will more easily make mistakes when advised . In contrast to parents who do not have closeness with parents . He would rather listen to the words of others, rather than his parents . Worse yet , he does not want to listen to the words of others, because no one could understand him .

That is why , emotional relationships between parents and children need to be established early on. Many parents due to various reasons , do not have the emotional attachment to the child . I will give you some tips so that we can pay more attention to the little things we often consider trivial , but can be important in building emotional relationships between children and parents.

1 . Utilize effectively the holidays with children
When liburang is currently the highest number of good if we could make good use anyway . Because we could spend some time with the children all day long , without any reason being tired or busy . Take advantage of the holiday to be able to do things that previously we have not done in children . For example, playing with children , watching TV with the kids , a trip to the mall with the kids , to the streets of the tourist attractions for the kids, and others . The important thing here is that we can build a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere , so that the child can express all his feelings to us.

2 . Utilizing a home office with a good time
When I came home from the office is also a good time to build a relationship with the child’s emotions . I never felt it . When it’s the same weight miss mother , I used to follow my father to pick up the mother in the office . I feel happy, because every time I come to pick up the mother , I would have been invited to eat together . That is just one example . Each of us come home from the office , the first thing we should do is to see the child . After that , we can use the time to build togetherness teresebut with children . Either he was studying or already asleep , it would be better we first met the baby. The thing I feel in terms of the sincerity of the love of a mother is when I pretended to be asleep , the mother came dang kiss my cheek and forehead coming home from work . With the little things he did , I could feel the love that he does not pretend and very sincere .
3 . Communication goes on
Busyness is no longer an obstacle . Due to the busyness has been offset by rapidly evolving technology . With this technology we can also keep in touch with children . Although we are busy working or other things outside the house , we can take advantage of Mobile or the phone to be able to communicate with . Maybe just ask what are or have eaten yet , but it could actually make the child feel cared for at all times by their parents . We need to consider here is that we do not let our children worry excessively , as this can also be bad for the child . Child might be feeling constantly monitored , not observed . The important thing is to give reasonable attention and affection.

4 . Inviting Children Understand Activities / Employment Kids
It is very important to do so that children know the true will of our busyness . Every now and then we can take a child into the office , and explain a few things about our work . The child will get to know our friends work together . But not every day , as there may be some that work together like this . And it is better to do at recess or after business hours .

5 . fairy tale and BEDTIME Singing
Fairy tales and bedtime is a habit that is very good and believable in all . Because this is not only to build closeness between children and parents , but the child will gain spiritual cleansing of what we tell you or we sing.

6 . Get to know and interact with their friends and teachers in school
The purpose of knowing and interacting with friends and teachers at school is that we know what the child anywhere . Because sometimes there are parents who see their children at home , but not outside the house well . The more we know why , the easier it is to solve it.

7 . Being a teacher is best for the child Bimbel
The purpose of the statement ” Being the best Bimbel Teacher For The Son ” is always accompany children while learning . This will familiarize the child to be able to express our feelings to the child , especially when getting trouble or problems.

8 . Present the goods in the form of praise or
Sometimes we feel that what was done by the child is trivial and unimportant . This is because we too have high standards . As a parent , it would be better if we could understand the ability of the child and the child’s feelings . Maybe it could hold a spoon itself is a trivial thing for us , but if we want to praise him when the boy did it , then the child will be encouraged to be able to hold a spoon and feed themselves properly .
Awards that we can provide can also be in the form of goods . With a small gift that we provide when a child , when the child get success , then the child will feel how much we love and appreciate all his efforts .

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9 . Kiss and touch
Kiss and touch not only build emotional closeness . This method is also useful to stimulate the child’s intelligence .